Things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand

Northern Thailand will surprise you with the greenery scenario surrounded by mountains, where you will be able to meet its vibrant hill tribes, and where you will find some unique temples with years of history and stories to tell. In terms of gastronomy, this place is also famous for its northern Thai recipes that shouldn’t be missed out. Chiang Mai has everything you need to make this trip an unforgettable experience.

Top attractions in Chiang Mai

4 Best things to do in Chiang Mai

Whether seeking adventure or something a little more spiritual, Thailand’s second city is a great place to start. Chiang Mai means “new city,” yet teems with historic, cultural, and natural monuments, each more breathtaking than the last! Here are a few.

things to do in chiang mai thailand

Wat Chedi Luang
This 15-century temple lasted barely 150 years before suffering serious earthquake damage. What survives provides a striking image, made all the more marvelous lit up at night!

things to do in chiang mai thailand

Wat Umong
There are two Wat Umong’s in town. Be sure you’re going to the one dedicated to the clairvoyant monk Thera Jan, in order to explore this iconic forest-temple’s ancient tunnels.

things to do in chiang mai thailand

Elephant Nature Park
Of Chiang Mai’s many elephant camps this is by far the most humane. The animals have mostly been rescued from poor captivity conditions and visitors are encouraged to help feeding!

things to do in chiang mai thailand

Doi Suthep-Pui National Park
You’ll likely find Chiang Mai’s sacred peaks rather overcast, but it’s precisely the cloudy conditions that have blessed Doi Suthep and Doi Pui with such rich plant- and bird-life.

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What people are saying about Chiang Mai

Amazing hike in the jungle stunning views from the top!
We were the only 2 people going on this day, which was a great surprise! The guide, Mr. Kam, was patient with us, and explained everything we needed to know. He had a vast knowledge of the jungle, buddhism and thai culture. The hike was extremely beautiful and the lush green forest was stunning to walk in. The view from Doi Suthep should not be missed, if you are in Chiang Mai! For lunch we were served a really good padthai. After lunch we went to a waterfall nearby. There were no other people at the waterfall – not a single soul besides us. It was so nice! And great to get away from the hordes of chinese at Doi Suthep. We dont have a single bad thing to say about the trip. We highly recomend!

From Chiang Mai: Full-Day Doi Suthep Trekking Tour reviewed by Casper

We highly recommend this incredible experience!
Our family (kids 18 and 11) enjoyed every minute of this fantastic day. Our guide Jakkie was knowledgeable, kind, and took the initiative to take pictures for us so that we could enjoy the interactions with the elephants. This was our kids’ favorite experience. Feeding and bathing the elephants was the highlight. We enjoyed seeing them in a natural non-commercial/non circus-like setting where they are well cared for. Our driver Adull was terrific and got us safely up the mountain to Wat Doi Suthep—also a memorable and interesting experience.

Ethical Elephant Caretaker & Doi Suthep Temple Private Tour reviewed by Melanie

Mona was an excellent guide & Um a very friendly & able driver.
This was an enjoyable experience & I would recommend it to anyone considering it. My guide, Mona & driver, Um (hope I am spelling correctly) were both very professional, friendly & helpful. Mona was very knowledgeable & was able to answer all my questions. She had a mastery of English that was better than any other guide I had during my 5 wks in Asia. I am especially grateful that she even went above & beyond by making the steep hike up & down the steps alongside the waterfall to take pictures for me twice.

Private Doi Suthep Temple and Sticky Waterfall Tour reviewed by JAMES

Great and well organized experience at a lovely farm
This course has overfilled all our expactations!!! A very nice and lovely trainer, showed us very easy how to cook Thai food. Very good ingredience has been used and been showed to us before in the garden of the farm. The farm is very big and the kitchen was very well prepared. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our meal outside. Hardly recommended!!!!

Chiang Mai: Authentic Thai Cooking Class and Farm Visit reviewed by Katharina