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Krabi, a province on southern Thailand’s Andaman coast, can be a practically otherworldly area of labyrinthine archipelagos, the place islands seem to erupt vertically out of your sea and secluded beaches are only accessible by colorfully adorned prolonged tail boats. Krabi’s myriad of bays and coves have sheltered pirates, merchants, and sea gypsies for hundreds of a long time and archaeological proof indicates that Krabi was initially inhabited as early as 25,000 – 35,000 several years back!
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    With attractions which include hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs and exotic marine life, limestone cliffs that draw rock climbing enthusiasts from all around the globe, and nationwide parks that incorporate the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, one particular could very easily spend weeks in Krabi and go away yearning for a lot more.

    If that wasn’t ample, Krabi functions some of your most photogenic sunsets in Thailand, generally accompanied by spectacular displays of cloud to cloud lightning, which might be very best enjoyed from a beachside bar or restaurant.

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    Well worth the early morning start and extra money!!
    This tour was absolutely incredible. There were only six people on our tour, so it is definitely worth it to pick an early boat tour (my friend booked a similar tour that started at 11 and had 30 people crammed onto her boat). Every island we went to felt like we had a private viewing, even James Bond which other reviews I’ve read say it can get very crowded the later in the day that you go. Our main tour guide Alex was fantastic. He was very helpful, informative and gave us a personalized experience. The photographer on the tour was also great, he took the time to take high-quality photos for each person, getting all angles and cool filters not only on his camera but also on each of our phones. I was extremely impressed. The islands and limestone stacks/cliffs themselves are stunning. This tour might be pricier than booking at one of the local booths in Phuket, but it is 100% worth the price. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this tour!!!

    Phang Nga Bay: Early Bird James Bond & Beyond Tour reviewed by Alexandra

    Brilliant hospitality, lunch, and refreshments.
    Booked online and didn’t realize we were given VIP seating with air conditioning which was great as it meant we didn’t have to smell the fumes from the boat, snorkeling equipment was provided and the guide was friendly and well understood, make sure you bring your own towels. The lunch provided could’ve been a bit more generous as this was shared between quite a few. Overall, a lovely experience.

    Coral Bay & Phi Phi Island Tour by Big Boat & Premium Lunch reviewed by Vincent

    Wish I’d known about the 20 baht landing fee at Phi Phi
    Efficient service from Phuket to Phi Phi. I had changed my pick up location & had received a confirmation that the pick-up location was changed but they went to the original hotel. I phoned the number on the voucher 1 minute after the latest pick up time & they sent a minibus straight away; however the bus was very full, the air conditioning wasn’t great & the bus journey took what felt like ages because of the heat & the traffic. Also, I had used up all my small denomination baht in Phuket & was unaware of the 20 baht landing fee in Phi Phi, so it would have been useful to know about this in advance.

    Ferry Transfer Between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi reviewed by Lorraine

    An otherwise great trip ruined by a monkey
    This should have been an excellent rating, but it’s not as I’m staggered that the tour operator still thinks it’s OK to put tourists at risk by taking them to Monkey Beach. We were warned only as the boat docked that the monkeys can be aggressive if you take any food or drink off the boat – we didn’t, but our little girl was still attacked by one, despite keeping what should have been a safe distance and remaining still and quiet. We’ve since found out that this is a frequent occurrence and they often attack tourists, especially children. No holiday snaps are worth that. Please stop taking people there.

    Phi Phi Islands Full-Day Speedboat Trip from Krabi reviewed by Andrea

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    What people are saying about Krabi

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